When is Short-Term Internet a Viable Option for a Business?

When is Short-Term Internet a Viable Option for a Business?

Although, fixed term contracts are commonplace in the communications industry, some service providers possess the flexibility to offer short-term Internet deals.

Now before you jump to conclusions, not every organization can gain access to temporary broadband or a connection lasting just a few weeks. Similarly, not every ISP has the resources to provide the desired connection.

Some ISPs are fortunate enough to own and operate a private voice and data network, meaning that a high-speed fixed wireless connection can be provided with relative ease.

The viability of a short-term connection has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Can the ISP guarantee line of sight? Is temporary broadband the best option for the customer? Does setting up a short-term connection make sense financially for the ISP?

More often than not, the prospects are positive for customers holding temporary events or those requiring access for a specific project. One Ring Networks and their team of experienced engineers are experts in deploying temporary solutions at a host of events and functions:

Construction Sites and Remote Locations

Construction sites rely on short-term Internet to support temporary projectsConstruction firms often set up at a site with no fixed address making it difficult for traditional carriers to guarantee service, regardless of the length of time that the site will be in operation for.

These sites are often in remote, hard-to-service locations but a consistent connection is a must. Site managers need to share files with the company’s office location and remain in communication with on-site staff and vendors using email or VoIP phones.

Short-term Internet service providers ensure that construction trailers and additional sites benefit from a comprehensive voice and data network giving the experience of a permanent connection, but without the considerable long-term costs.

Concerts and Festivals

Music festivals, food festivals and other cultural events tend to last a weekend at most. With that in mind, event organizers are under pressure to find an ideal solution that has the capacity to serve a large audience.

Production teams need a dedicated link to ensure smooth entry to the festival via electronic ticketing and RFID bracelets, vendors rely on the Internet to sell merchandise and products via their POS system, while event attendees expect to be able to share their experience from their smartphones.

Public venues often have Wi-Fi or access to 3G but few, if any, are able to handle an influx of thousands of people trying to access the network at once. Short-term internet service providers work closely with event organizers and venue management to understand the network capacity requirements needed for various stakeholders ensuring that the event has guaranteed Internet access. 

Hotels and Conferences

Hotels and conferences benefit from short-term Internet service

Hotels are expected to provide Wi-Fi for guests as standard but when a higher-than-average number of guests arrive, this network can buckle under the pressure. Hotel managers require a high bandwidth solution that can help support customers’ needs.

To exploit the opportunity of attracting and hosting such gatherings, a temporary upgrade is a necessity. Short-term Internet can be scaled to meet the needs of each event so whether a multinational corporation is bringing 10,000 employees for a week-long retreat or a local group is holding its monthly meeting, ISP engineers can ensure that the venue is adequately prepared.

Will Temporary Internet Work for My Business?

It must be said that short-term Internet is not a viable option for all businesses; for those with a permanent location, the best option is to enter a long-term fixed wireless or fiber agreement.

Similarly, temporary broadband is not offered by all ISPs. Regional carriers are more willing to enter a short-term agreement than larger communications brands due to the flexibility afforded within the respective companies. These companies are the ones that can truly help in overcoming your event’s connectivity needs!

Do you have an event or project coming up? We would be happy to talk over your needs and assist you with our temporary broadband solution. Contact us at 404-303-9900 or sales@oneringnetworks.com!



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