What Can 4G LTE Wireless Do For Your Business?

What Can 4G LTE Wireless Do For Your Business?

4G LTE Wireless is the highest standard in wireless technology. When broken down, 4G refers to the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks while LTE means “long term evolution” accounting for continuing development of the wireless broadband speeds to meet our demands as users. 4G LTE represents the fastest wireless connection available.

Find out how it can benefit your organization:

The Fastest Option

As mentioned earlier, 4G LTE is fast – with upload or download capability from 15 to 20 megabits per second, it’s the most advanced network when it comes to speed. This allows music, video and games to be downloaded or streamed with minimal disruption.

Ongoing Development

By name, LTE is only going to get better. “Long term evolution” was originally developed because the standards laid out for 4G were slightly too optimistic for carriers to meet. Therefore, LTE is permitted to be used alongside technology that strive for the 4G standards. This means that as carriers seek improved speed and connection standards, 4G LTE will continue to raise the standard of existing LTE-based products.

Improved Architecture

4G LTE uses all IP network architecture and as a result, is dedicated for packet switched operations. The 4G LTE Wireless device supports data as well as voice allowing the packaging and sending of data to various network points. 

This represents a shift from the older circuit-switching networks and ensures smooth data transfer. Packet-switching is particularly useful for VoIP calls as the chunked data is sent along the most efficient path meaning that even when a node drops out, it’s highly unlikely that any dropped calls will occur.

Partnered with Cloud Software

4G LTE facilitates a safe and secure connection. When operated within a private cloud, the risk is minimized further. Combining the benefits listed above means multiple remote users can communicate with the hub device without any interruption.

This can be advantageous for organizations in a range of industries. For example, a national construction company can install a 4G LTE device at a site in Atlanta, GA, that would allow project managers to provide regular updates to C-level executives back in New York City, NY, via data stored in the cloud storage service.


The 4G LTE Wireless device is the ideal solution for small businesses looking for a powerful office solution or for larger companies looking for a stop-gap or backup solution. It is easy to install, available on a short-term agreement, and portable, meaning it can be used in multiple locations. 

Due to the speed and progression of 4G LTE, the quality of communication and user experience is always improving. The powerful solution is ideal for organizations across a host of industries for the flexibility, reliability, and security that it provides.

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