Three Excellent Solutions For Your Hotel’s Internet Struggles

Three Excellent Solutions For Your Hotel’s Internet Struggles

Finding a reliable Internet connection is a constant struggle for hotels. According to a survey conducted by, 49% of business travelers and 25% of leisure travelers list free Wi-Fi as the most important amenity when choosing a hotel.

It’s clear free Wi-Fi is a necessity to get guests through the door, but to keep them coming back, offering free hotel Internet is not enough.

The connection needs to be reliable and secure. Failure to meet guests’ expectations in this department will result in lost revenue due to the cycle of fewer repeat customers, poor reviews, and fewer new customers as well as a result.

Of course, there are a host of factors that contribute to a guest’s decision to stay at a particular location but being able to offer an excellent Wi-Fi service is at the top of the list.

When it comes to this decision, hotel management teams have several options:

Fixed Wireless Internet

Easy to set up and with scalable bandwidth, fixed wireless can add capacity to any network. Many hotels rely on public Internet service meaning that the quality of the service is impacted by neighbors’ usage. Fixed wireless is a dedicated connection so data is drawn directly from a Point of Presence (PoP) to the hotel ensuring an uninterrupted experience.Close up low angle view of a man working from home on a laptop computer sitting at a desk surfing the internet.jpeg

Here at One Ring Networks, we are able to configure fixed wireless that works perfectly as a hotel Internet solution. Following a comprehensive site survey, we can assess what the hotel needs.

This option ensures that bandwidth can be turned up or down with ease allowing meetings, conferences and other events to run smoothly. Similarly, in times of unusually high or low occ

upancy, changes can be made to accommodate all guests’ Wi-Fi needs.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is capable of speeds from 1.5Mbps to 10Gbps. With an ever-growing network, carriers can provide a dependable solution to meet the demands of a hotel and its guests. The connection is dedicated and provides an optimum user experience thanks to the low latency that is associated with the high-speed cables.

In a similar fashion to the fixed wireless solution, fiber Internet can be scaled to meet the needs of the hotel’s guests.

Fiber and Fixed Wireless Internet Bundle

The third option is a combination of the previous two. The fiber and fixed wireless Internet bundle provides hotels with a redundant data connection. This, combined with a managed auto-failover between the two circuits, ensures 99.99% uptime.

Top view of woman drinking of coffee with checking the message on cellphone.jpegThe guarantee of connectivity is a draw for individual guests and event managers alike. All too often, hotels settle for public Wi-Fi and guests suffer as a result. A secure Internet connection can be the difference in guests choosing to return to the hotel or selecting somewhere else to stay.

Finding hotel Internet that satisfies your guests’ demands doesn’t have to be as complicated as it has been in the past. The solutions exist for a comprehensive hotel Wi-Fi to be available for all hotel guests.

Regional carriers focus on meeting your needs and those of your guests and the companies you serve, keeping them returning to your locations.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can fulfill them.


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