Nine Major Benefits of a Hosted PBX Solution

Posted by Sam Mountstephens on Nov 9, 2017 2:40:00 PM

Cloud-based hosted IP PBX systems are growing in popularity. As organizations compare on-premise solutions with hosted PBX systems, many are recognizing where the future of office communication lies.

The transition to hosted PBX involves a service provider taking control of and managing the phone system meaning companies are not required to purchase hardware or employ staff to oversee it. Similarly, hosted communication solutions offer a series of inherent features that can support employee efficiency and performance.

We’ve taken a look at a handful of the benefits associated with a typical hosted PBX solution:

1. Lower Hardware Costs

There is no requirement to purchase equipment. Hardware such as servers are owned and managed by the hosted PBX provider and managed via a cloud-based network. This lowers the overall cost and breaks it down into an easily digestible monthly service fee.

2. No Ongoing Maintenance

No need to worry about ongoing maintenance or employing personnel to handle the system. All of this is taken care of by the service provider.

3. Mobile and Remote Integration

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Employees and their work are not limited to an office. Employees can work from home, from a coffee shop or in another remote location. A hosted PBX supports these flexible working habits as it does not rely on office hardware. This allows employees to work on any device they choose while remaining connected to the communication system and its features.

4. Advanced Features

The features of hosted PBX help to streamline employee productivity and satisfy customer demands. Standard solutions come with enhanced features such as access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto attendant, directory, music on hold and voice messaging. Calls can also be forwarded between devices with ease. Similarly, calls can be made from anywhere while still displaying an employee’s office number.

When a hosted PBX solution is integrated as part of a unified communications solution, complete and comprehensive interconnectivity between email, voicemail and instant messaging can be achieved.

5. Scalable

A huge benefit of employing hosted PBX is that as your business grows, your phone system can follow suit. It’s easy to add or remove lines without hassle or the need for additional investment in hardware. This helps to future-proof your business as the system can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet changing needs.

6. Business Continuity

Phone systems are essential for many organizations. Healthcare providers, for example, rely on communication to ensure mission-critical operations can continue. Hosted PBX ensures contact remains uninterrupted due to the fact that vital hardware is stored and managed offsite in secure and redundant data centers. Reliability and uptime guarantees come as standard with hosted PBX.

7. Voice Quality

Hosted PBX systems continue to offer improved voice quality. This occurs as a direct result of advancements in technology and the quality of internet service that powers the VoIP phone system.

8. Long Distance Calling

As hosted PBX systems route calls using VoIP, long distance calls can be significantly cheaper when compared with traditional on-premise phone systems. Many providers offer unlimited calling to bordering countries.

9. Stay Focused on Your Company Handsome smiling barista with beard taking order on cell phone and using tablet in cafeteria.jpeg

Manage your business, not your phone system. A provider has the time, knowledge, and equipment to manage the cloud-based hosted PBX solution while you can remain focused on accomplishing your business objectives.

Hosted PBX is an excellent option for businesses seeking a scalable, reliable, and affordable phone system. In addition, organizations can expect to benefit from lower setup and ongoing costs, while experiencing impressive call quality and enhanced features that facilitate employee productivity. As the working environment continues to change, a cloud-based hosted IP PBX system has the attributes and flexibility to help your business manage these changes.

If you’re ready to get started with a hosted PBX solution, please contact One Ring Networks today at 855-663-7464 or We are experts in adaptability and can provide flexible hosted PBX solutions that can be scaled to meet your company’s objectives.


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