Managed IT Services - An Overview

Managed IT Services - An Overview

An Introduction to Managed Services

Managed services involves an organization outsourcing IT operations to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The MSP is responsible for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the company's IT network and associated systems.

What Type of Managed Services Are There? 

Managed services come in all shapes and sizes. The majority of providers are able to refine their offering to suit almost any business, however, some of the more common solutions include data recovery and back-up, network management, storage, security and monitoring.

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We Can Handle Our IT Ourselves

Managed services emerged from organizations' need for support. While the common approach had always been to handle IT inside the company, industry experts offered an alternative insight.

While it’s true IT can be managed in-house when the network is small, uncomplicated and running smoothly but if and when things head south, immediate repairs will be required. With no expert on-site, this could put resources under some considerable stress.

Over time, the managed services offering was developed and refined as the opportunity for outsourcing became more evident. 

The Role of the Managed Service Provider

The managed service provider handles all of the agreed IT systems. Most MSPs have a clearly-defined list of services that they provide but, as mentioned previously, they are often flexible. Most are more than happy to moderate their service if it means meeting a company's needs and securing a partnership.

MSPs do not intrude or disturb daily operations. Instead, network operations are managed behind-the-scenes with employees dedicated to monitoring and tracking all programs ensuring customer data remains secure and that networks are running smoothly. 

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Aren’t Managed Services Just For Big Businesses?

This isn’t the case anymore. Yes, it’s true that network management systems were originally geared towards large networks such as those operated by Fortune 500 companies, but over time these systems have been tailored to work for small businesses as well.

Just like larger companies, small businesses today require IT maintenance and support. Some may choose to do this in-house but staff can be burdened with other duties. This can result in neglected tasks such as failure to upgrade equipment, backup data or manage patches, increasing the chance of a serious IT problem impacting the company at a later date.

Managed Services for Small Businesses

A lot of small businesses rule out managed services because they believe they have no need for that kind of management or they think that it would be too expensive. Most small business owners are not aware of the fact that MSPs refine their solutions to fit the needs of a small business. Investing in managed IT can save time, money and effort allowing a modest-sized organization to focus on their business operations.

Managed services can work for a company of any size ensuring that day-to-day operations continue to run as planned. Without attentive monitoring and maintenance, the programs that are easy to forget could become a significant issue. This is why the outsourcing of managed IT services has continued to grow as more and more companies of all sizes recognize the benefits.

One Ring Networks is an adaptable managed service provider. We are experts in working with small businesses because we are one. If you think you’re ready to explore a managed services solution for your business, call (470) 240-0298 or contact us by hitting the orange button below.


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