Jitter and Latency. Two Business Broadband Terms You Should Know

Posted by Sam Mountstephens on Sep 12, 2018 7:40:00 AM

Latency and jitter are terms that are frequently used to evaluate the quality of service (QoS) for a broadband internet network.  Both are important QoS parameters for evaluating network performance, particularly for real-time services that have become the mainstay of business internet customers.

Latency is a term for the average delay experienced by each packet through its transmission path. Latency is the accumulation of all transmission processing and queuing delays a packet experiences in its path from source to destination.
Today’s high performance efficient business internet networks are designed with minimum latency in mind to enable them to deliver applications that are the most sensitive to high latency including VoIP and video conferencing.

Because of the varying delays within a broadband internet network, the time from when a packet is generated at the source until it is received at the receiver can fluctuate from packet to packet. This phenomenon is called jitter. For real time services, keeping the packet intervals at the destinations within an acceptable range of what is generated at the source is crucial to maintaining the integrity of service.

Some business internet providers implemented their broadband network to only deliver a "best effort" transmission, which means the packet arrival timing could be out of sync with the original stream created at the source. As mentioned before, this makes it impossible to run real time services like certain kinds of applications based on cloud computing and VoIP.

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