How Unified Communications Can Help to Streamline Your Business Operations

Posted by Sam Mountstephens on May 15, 2017 11:39:20 AM

Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of real-time and non real-time communications with the goal of optimizing business operations and efficiency.

Being able to manage instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, voicemail, email, fax and other methods of communication through one combined solution can provide crucial advantages to businesses of all sizes.

1) Consolidate software to keep down costs

Small and medium sized businesses typically have limited resources, namely restricted IT budgets. A comprehensive UC solution allows SMBs to consolidate costs typically spent on a host of communication software, increasing productivity and functionality while reducing spend.

2) Easily connect remote and mobile workers

Remote workers can be contacted via instant message, email or video call using just one UC solution. This makes it easy to manage and work with off-site employees. Similarly, mobile workers are able to connect with customers and prospects in the same fashion - from any location and on any device.

3) Never lose out on a lead

Stay connected to customers and prospects from any location and device. UC solutions allows companies to respond to inquiries with ease ensuring no missed calls or unanswered emails. Employees can route each incoming call to their desk phone, cell phone or laptop giving your business the best chance to convert each lead.

4) Adapt your UC solution to your organizational needs

UC solutions can be scaled to meet the needs of a business. When considering new technologies, organizations often purchase technology and associated features based on their current needs, failing to acknowledge that the size of the business is subject to change.

Subsequent upgrades and downgrades to software and licensing agreements can cause a large dent in the budget. Instead, an optimal UC solution will be flexible in terms of functionality

In a time where collaboration and communication is a must for all employees, a unified communications solution seeks to ensure employees has access to all the tools they need, regardless of location or device being used.

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