How High-Speed Temporary Internet Can Support Construction Sites

Posted by Sam Mountstephens on Dec 22, 2017, 10:27:12 AM

Construction sites rely on a high-speed internet connection for a host of tasks. Internet access can increase productivity and reduce the amount of time spent on tasks at work sites by enabling rapid data transfer to cloud-based applications and between the project location and head office. However, finding a temporary solution for the exact length of the project can be difficult.

The Need for Internet

A reliable connection can eliminate paperwork allowing companies to reduce wasted time and resources, streamlining the progress of the project as a result. In addition, construction site internet can be used for security camera access, large file uploads and data transfers, facilities management, monitoring and similar associated services. Without a stable and secure connection, the modern construction site cannot operate to its potential

A wireless connection is the perfect solution for temporary sites. Some projects are located in remote areas with no access to wired communications such as fiber, cable or DSL therefore a wireless connection is the only choice. This is certainly not a bad thing as wireless technology has come a long way in recent years.

The Options

Fixed Wireless Internet


Fixed wireless internet is a method of connectivity that does not require a permanent address or a long-term contract. The customizable, temporary solution can be matched to the timeline and bandwidth needs of the project. The wireless internet service provider (WISP) simply has to ensure a line of sight to a transmitter radio that can beam a dedicated microwave signal of up to 1Gbps to an elevated location at the site. Find out how fixed wireless works in this short video.

This signal can then be distributed to multiple locations around the site via wireless access points. Various access points mean that multiple trailers or nearby sites can be connected to one another. By doing so, site managers can remove the need for cables helping to reduce costs and guarantee a site-wide connection.

Another major benefit of fixed wireless internet at construction sites is that synchronous bandwidth speeds are available. Instead of having a download speed of 100Mbps and an upload speed of 5Mbps - meaning files can be downloaded much quicker than they can be uploaded - fixed wireless has the capacity to provide 100Mbps (or any speed up to 1Gbps) in both directions.

Similarly, fixed wireless can be scaled up and down as needed. For example, if a company knows that it is going to have 3 workers on-site for the first month of construction but 50 workers on-site for the following 8 months, the agreement and fixed wireless solution can be configured accordingly.

4G LTE Wireless

The second wireless option is 4G LTE wireless. These mobile devices work as wireless routers allowing site managers, project managers, engineers and other workers to connect laptops and mobile devices via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. A 4G LTE wireless connection can be up and running within hours allowing crews to get working on day one, instead of having to wait for installation associated with wired solutions.

4G LTE wireless utilizes cellular data connectivity and represents an excellent option for construction sites seeking a cost-effective primary or failover solution. However, as this service is usually provided as part of a tiered billing system, it is important to keep an eye on the amount of data being transferred as overage charges can occur.

When used alongside each other, 4G LTE and fixed wireless can offer redundancy to the network - a bundled solution that guarantees uptime at the site. We’ll let you decide if that’s necessary.


Fixed wireless and 4G LTE wireless are excellent options for construction sites in need of high-speed internet access. By removing the need for long-term agreements and the installation of cables, wireless internet service providers have developed several comprehensive solutions that can serve the needs of even the most demanding construction site.

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