Hard Hats and Remote Offices in Need of Flexibility

Hard Hats and Remote Offices in Need of Flexibility

Over the past year, we’ve watched our nation’s economy bounce back and land on its feet. This rebound has coincided with new construction projects across the country, including two of our major markets: Atlanta and Dallas. It may seem as though there’s a new shopping mall, skyscraper, or hospital going up everywhere you look. While this economic boom and increase in real estate development point to brighter days ahead, cranes, remote offices and manpower are not the only components needed to complete a construction project, let alone, allow these businesses to open their doors to the public. In fact, the construction industry faces a myriad of issues behind-the-scenes that most people simply do not consider.

Typically, when one thinks of construction, computers, networks and telecommunication don’t always come to mind; yet, the construction industry has seen a dramatic increase in technology use to increase productivity. With cloud technology in particular, everyone on a construction site can access drawings, 3-D models, collaborate, use streaming video to view issues in real time and provide near-real-time feedback. This means lower costs, faster processes, quick decision-making, and fresh data in everyone's hands. Further, since construction projects often take place in remote areas during non-traditional business hours, gaining access to critical components such as wireless Internet access and scalable bandwidth can be a difficult task. The industry is in need of solutions that can provide the flexibility they need, both in fast installation and service.

Without Internet service and mobile devices, many aspects of a construction project cannot be completed, often leading to a delay. For the businesses and customers benefitting from a completed construction project, there is nothing more disappointing than a construction management company announcing that they have pushed back their completion date. In fact, over 90 percent of all projects finish late! One Ring Networks realizes the needs that the construction industry face and provides services to make sure that remote and temporary Internet is never a reason for any construction project to be delayed.

The Buckhead Atlanta Project

Most recently, One Ring Networks teamed up with real estate developer OliverMcMillian on its Buckhead Atlanta project. Prior to working with One Ring Networks, the 800,000 square-foot project began with connectivity from a well-known national carrier. Unfortunately, the project experienced challenges with this carrier in meeting the necessary deadlines for various installations, which further resulted in an additional two-month delay for the grand opening of Buckhead Atlanta. These issues with connectivity effected several aspects of the grand opening outside of the construction efficiencies themselves. Delayed items that were unable to be seen looking on the outside of the upscale retail and dining plaza, included illuminated parking gates, HD network access, audio equipment and tenant connectivity for everyday operations such as payment processing and phone calls.

After considering several other network providers, OliverMcMillian turned to One Ring Networks on the promises of nimble services and broad-range bandwidth. With a reputation for “saving the day” on critical projects such as Buckhead Atlanta, One Ring Networks immediately stepped in to deliver Ethernet service and a very quick install that lasted only a few days which dramatically beat out the industry standard of weeks or even months. In total, One Ring Networks provided OliverMcMillan with a 50mg circuit and microwave over Ethernet service needed to support connectivity needs for development completion, as well as the 15 tenants now open for business in Buckhead Atlanta. Additionally, One Ring made it a priority to work around the clock with OliverMcMillan to complete tasks based on priority – everything from servicing cameras to automated parking gates.

Meeting the unique needs of construction industry clients in a timely and efficient manner, with 99.99% uptime, is extremely important to One Ring Networks. It’s also important that as a company, we provide scalable bandwidth and a reliable service that allows businesses to do what they do best, with no downtime. Because of this, commercial and big real estate development projects are a perfect fit for One Ring Networks’ services. Not only will we provide a service that works, will we move quickly, to ensure that projects stay on track and can open EXACTLY when expected.

Does your construction project need on demand, secure and scalable connectivity? Let us help you complete your project on time.  Click here to contact us, and follow us on Twitter for the latest project updates.


Kris Maher

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