Four Things To Know About Fixed Wireless Internet

Four Things To Know About Fixed Wireless Internet

For businesses who have relied on dated dial-up, spotty satellite or unpredictable broadband for their Internet connection, fixed wireless provides a welcome and affordable alternative.

As with all Internet services, speeds and plans available for fixed wireless vary dependent on your company’s needs. Learn the basics of the secure and scalable option below: 

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1) Can Cover Large Areas

Probably the most appealing benefit of fixed wireless is its ability to service locations far and wide with no need for cables. Due to the fact that service providers have no need to invest in new cables and infrastructure, service can be offered across larger areas at a more reasonable price.

However, a line of sight from the provider’s Point of Presence (PoP) to the antenna at the customer location is required. This can lead to problems if there are obstacles such as trees and other buildings in the way. To bypass this potential issue, many service providers set up a network of PoPs allowing fixed wireless service to be offered from different points in the area.

Fixed wireless internet can cover large areas

2) Utilizes Microwave Technology

Many believe that a fixed wireless connection utilizes satellite technology and is therefore affected by the weather. This is incorrect. While both satellite and fixed wireless require a dish or antenna, and both provide a high-speed connection without cable lines this is where the similarities stop.

A satellite connection can be disturbed by weather in the area, however, a fixed wireless signal never travels through the atmosphere meaning storms or inclement weather can not interfere with the signal.

3) Offers a Low Latency Connection

This makes it easy to download large files, stream video and handle calls using VoIP. Good news for companies that require long distance calling, video conferencing and similarly demanding activities. This is also particular beneficial when compared with other technologies used in rural areas as there is no need to lay down cables or set up and manage expensive infrastructure.

4) Completely Different from a Mobile Connection

The capabilities of fixed wireless are closer to wireline cable or DSL service and even fiber, than they are to mobile service. Today, cell phones are essentially pocket computers but the mobile wireless service supporting these complex devices and connections is not intended to act as a substitute for wired Internet access in the way that fixed wireless is.

Similarly, the way in which an Internet connection is provided is very different. Fixed wireless is provided from PoP locations that tend to be situated at the highest points in the area. These PoPs communicate with point-to-point receivers via microwave transmissions. In contrast, cell towers in both rural and urban areas are spaced appropriately to allow the same frequencies to be used in different parts of the same region.

Fixed wireless is an excellent method of connectivity in both rural and urban areas. The “unwired” technology can be easily set up and comfortably scaled to meet the needs of your business. As service providers, such as One Ring Networks, continue to expand their network, the reliability and quality of service will only continue to improve.


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