Five Advantages of a Temporary Internet Solution

Five Advantages of a Temporary Internet Solution

The majority of broadband deals require an agreement that locks customers in for 24 months or more. This works well for businesses that anticipate remaining in an office or another fixed location for a considerable amount of time - but not every organization is in that category.

Fortunately, there is another option - temporary internet.

This solution is based on shorter contracts with the focus on the needs of the customer and their project. While only a small number of internet service providers (ISPs) offer this type of access, it represents a viable alternative for construction sites, TV and movie production sets, concerts, conferences, conventions and just about any other temporary event with a need for bandwidth.

We dive deeper into the advantages of temporary internet:

1. No Long Term Contract

We’ll start with the obvious one! Short-term deals allow customers to access the internet and necessary bandwidth without being locked into a lengthy agreement. This is ideal for customers who are expecting a project to last for a specific length of time.

2. Only Pay For What You Need

Leading on from the previous point, the lack of a long term agreement promotes efficiency. There is no requirement to buy into a 24-month contract knowing that the project or event is only going to last for a couple of weeks or months.

Typically, ISPs providing short-term solutions are able to customize the agreement exactly to the customers’ needs in terms of bandwidth and length of time that the service is required. Although the monthly cost of a temporary solution is typically higher than a long term agreement, a short-term option allows businesses save a great deal in the long run.

3. Fast InstallationInstallation of a temporary internet solution can be completed quickly but advanced notice is often preferred by ISPs

ISPs are experienced in setting up temporary solutions. Depending on the type of internet access available, the service could be up and running within days. However, it’s recommended that customers give as much notice as possible.

4. Symmetrical Speed

Fixed wireless and fiber internet solutions offer the capability of symmetrical bandwidth speeds. This means that upload and download speeds are the same allowing large files to be uploaded and sent on without a hitch. Find out some other reasons explaining why upload speeds matter here.

5. SLA Guarantee

All agreements include a Service Level Agreement (SLA). These describe and explain the guaranteed quality and reliability of service that customers will receive. There are no shortcuts here with temporary solutions held to the same high standards usually associated with permanent alternatives.

If your business is looking for internet access but wants to avoid a lengthy contract, temporary broadband might be the perfect option. While not all ISPs offer short-term agreements, those that do are often willing to customize their offer to meet the specific needs of the customer.

At One Ring Networks, we recognize that sometimes it is simply not practical to enter a long-term agreements. For this reason we offer leading temporary voice and data services. We service construction sites, conferences and other temporary projects across Atlanta, GA; Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, TX. To receive a quote for your next project, please contact us at 404-303-9900 or

For more information on our temporary solutions, check out our brief video by clicking here.

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