Do You Know What Your Internet Connection Really Costs Your Business?

Posted by Sam Mountstephens on Sep 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Businesses are carefully crafted inter-connected relationships between people, technology, tools, and money, all working in congruence for success. But imagine the impact when one of the key company resources, such as an internet connection, goes down.

Cost of internet downtime. Use a business internet service provider.For most businesses, a reliable high speed internet connection is mission-critical for customer communications, employee productivity and generating revenue.

Consider a typical U.S. small business with 75 employees and average annual revenue of $3.6 million (Entrepreneur Media). The company thought it chose the “best-priced” internet service for their dollar. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

But did the company know that 99.9% uptime pencils-out to approximately 9 hours of downtime per year? For most businesses that means no internet browsing, email, VoIP, or cloud services, or customer communications.

Is the "best-priced" internet broadband service really the best solution? Is a service uptime guarantee of 99.9% good enough? Does the cost of internet downtime outweigh the cost of choosing a cheaper internet service?

9 hours of internet downtime per year can cost the typical small business $24,084, plus significantly more costs that are difficult to quantify. Does a cheaper internet service really save money? Would an internet service with better uptime provide more value? Would a diverse pathway backup solution minimize downtime further?

Today’s businesses need an ISP that delivers reliable internet service for their voice and data broadband applications that can deliver premium business-grade internet solutions with ≥99.999% uptime, extremely low packet loss, latency and jitter to ensure your business can function at the optimal levels.

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