Connecting Construction Sites with Innovative Internet Solutions

Connecting Construction Sites with Innovative Internet Solutions

Construction sites of today require access to the Internet to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. Setting up the connection is not always as easy as it should be.

The Problem

Often in a remote location or at a site with no fixed address, it can be a challenge to find a suitable solution or a carrier willing to provide the service. Most require an address, and cannot offer services if an address cannot be validated.

To make matters worse, I.T. staff are often informed of the project’s start date at late notice giving them less time to arrange Internet access. Many service providers have a delay on installation ranging from 30 to 120 days (and sometimes even longer) and require long term contracts.

The Solution

Fixed wireless and 4G LTE wireless are the fastest options in terms of installation speed and bandwidth capability. Fixed wireless utilizes microwave signals sent from the carrier to the customer’s location. No wires are involved, the connection is fast and secure and the agreement can match the project’s timeline.

An additional benefit of using a local fixed wireless provider, such as One Ring Networks, is the speed with which they can set up the Internet connection. This kind of personalized customer service is difficult for a national carrier to match.

4G LTE wireless is a form of cellular connectivity meaning the service is available in most areas of the country. The portable device can support the communications needs and bandwidth demands of on-site staff such as architects and project managers.

Both the fixed wireless and 4G LTE wireless solutions are perfect for keeping construction sites connected to the Internet. Depending on the amount of data transferred and site location, one may be more suited to a particular project than the other.

Both can be set up within days and are available on flexible contracts from regional carriers who can match the length of the contract with the expected length of the project. This in contrast to the fixed-length contracts that are often associated with Internet access. 

The Decision

Construction companies face a challenge when searching for an Internet access solution, but there are options. While most service providers require advanced notice and a fixed address, carriers offering fixed wireless and 4G LTE do not. These carriers have the capability to install fixed wireless or 4G LTE wireless at short notice, with high bandwidth and terms that match the construction project.


Contact One Ring Networks at 404-303-9900 or for more information on our solutions developed specifically for construction companies and short-term projects.



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