Does Your Business Need Dedicated Internet Access?

You might be aware that some internet services are dedicated and some involve shared access. So what exactly do these terms mean?

Why Upload Speeds Matter

Upload speeds represent the amount of data sent from your device to the internet in a given second. This impacts simple tasks such as sending...

The Evolution of Mobile Internet. How 1G Became 4G LTE.

To understand the qualities of 4G LTE, it is essential to discuss the progression of mobile internet advancements since the inception of 1G and...

Five Reasons to Switch to Fiber Optic Internet for Business

Business moves fast, and your Internet needs to keep up. Connecting to the cloud, video conferencing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and remote...

Three Excellent Solutions For Your Hotel’s Internet Struggles

Finding a reliable Internet connection is a constant struggle for hotels. According to a survey conducted by, 49% of business travelers...


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