Is a Failover Connection a Must-Have Solution or an Unnecessary Expense?

Is a Failover Connection a Must-Have Solution or an Unnecessary Expense?

A failover connection guarantees uptime in the event of an outage to the primary circuit but, while it is becoming increasingly popular to have a backup network, many companies still choose not have this in place.

What is a Failover Connection?

A failover connection is a backup to the primary network link to ensure Internet uptime in the event that the primary circuit fails.

While recommended to almost any organization that depends on a reliable Internet connection, a backup connection is essential for companies in industries where any data loss could have disastrous impacts. Travel, energy, healthcare and finance industries demand constant uptime to ensure critical operations can be carried out.

In many other fields, a failover link is utilized as a matter of preference, particularly as the cost of additional bandwidth becomes more manageable. The choice to run multiple Internet connections is becoming more popular as businesses realize how crucial an Internet connection is to day-to-day operations.

If your company couldn’t operate without Internet for a day, it might be time to invest in a failover connection.

How Does it Work?

The point of a failover connection is to reduce the reliance on one method of connection by implementing a comprehensive backup system. This is known as redundancy – hedging your bets across multiple types of Internet connection options to minimize the chance of overall failure.

Wires and cables can be damanged by construction kicking the failover connection into action.If your business relies on just one connection and that network goes down there will be a series of damaging impacts. The loss of customers and revenue can be caused by clumsy construction workers or a traffic accident inflicting damage to cables.

An Internet redundancy bundle featuring two or more connection methods will guarantee uptime and facilitate the continued smooth operation of your business.

What Types of Failover Connections Exist?

A redundant Internet connection can occur in various combinations. A standard redundancy bundle will utilize a wired connection for the primary circuit, with a fixed wireless connection or alternative wireless-based connection as backup.

A fiber and fixed wireless bundle is our preferred choice. These diverse types of connectivity ensure that should a fiber cable be cut or compromised, the building or business will continue to receive a similar high-speed fixed wireless network is in place to act as the auto failover link.

A failover connection ensures mission-critical operations can continue even when the primary circuit suffers an outage.Another recommendation is to utilize fixed wireless as the primary connection with a 4G LTE wireless asa backup connection. This option is more suited to smaller organizations requiring less bandwidth, but the diversity of this redundancy package will guarantee that mission-critical operations can continue.

It’s important to note that the most effective failover setups will see the backup network kicked into action automatically when the primary connection suffers an outage.

Avoiding Common Failover Connection Mistakes

Internet solutions and connectivity options vary based on your location. Most businesses select a wired connection such as cable, DSL or fiber and supplement this with a wireless connection, or vice versa.

Other companies may order wired circuits from multiple carriers, unaware of the fact that the underlying local exchange carrier (LEC) is actually serving both circuits. This negates the failover connection completely. A similar issue can occur when a business relies on a wired fiber and backup wired solution that are delivered through the same conduit. If that conduit is cut, both services will go out.

Making the Right Choice

When selecting primary and backup connections, it’s essential to ask the right questions and guarantee that these mistakes cannot happen and the failover connection is optimized.

The availability of each type of connection depends on property location. As fiber and fixed wireless networks continue to be built out by regional and national Internet service providers, the quality of redundancy bundles and failover connections will continue to improve. 

As one of these Internet service providers, One Ring Networks has the capability to provide fiber and fixed wireless Internet solutions as well as a host of other connectivity services. If you are seeking a highly reliable primary circuit, failover connection or a combination of the two, we would be happy to meet your needs.

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